Did you know President Eisenhower hit a hole in one just months before he was confined to hospital?

Marcos Hernandez Eisenhower in War and Peace by Jean Edward Smith

To say President Eisenhower was obsessed with golf would be an understatement. He played close to 800 rounds while in office, an average of 100 rounds per year since he served two terms. His prolific golfing helped turn the sport from an elitist pasttime to one for average Americans.

He left the presidency in 1961 and continued to play in his retirement. In February 1968, in Palm Springs, California, Eisenhower hit his first hole in one on a 104 yard par 3. 

In April 1968, just a few months after his once in a lifetime shot, he suffered heart attack and was admitted to Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington, DC. After suffering three more heart attacks while recovering he died in March 1969 having never left the hospital again. 

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