Did you know German General Erwin Rommel chose suicide over disgrace?

Marcos Hernandez Eisenhower in War and Peace by Jean Edward Smith

General Rommel was also known as the Desert Fox for his actions in North Africa (Egypt and Libya) between 1941-1943. He is regarded as one the greatest military commanders of all time and his reputation is bolstered by the fact he waged a “clean” war. (“Clean” is used because of his alleged apolitical attitude towards Nazism and chivalrous nature of the North African campaign)

Rommel was highly decorated in World War I and wrote a book on military tactics just before World War II began. This resulted in him being a national hero in the eyes of the German public.

A plot which implicated Rommel in the assassination of Hitler came to light in July of 1944. Rather than execute him publicly Hitler gave him an ultimatum, fearing the public backlash. Rommel was forced to choose between committing suicide or facing a trial which would result in his disgrace, execution, and could potentially affect his family. Rommel chose suicide and died from a cyanide pill in October 1944. 

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