Bidding for a mansion started at $1.

Marcos Hernandez Article

A gothic mansion in Scotland went up on the auction block, and bidding started at $1. Even though the bid is now into the six figures, this seems VERY reasonable for a mansion.

It might be because I just watched “Knives Out” (highly recommended), but how cool would it be to have this kick off the start of a murder-mystery?

A young entrepreneur who’s also a digital nomad buys the house and moves in from the states. There, he meets locals who tell them tales about the previous owner’s disappearance. Then, borrowing from Poe’s A Cask of Amontillado, the new owner finds a patched up wall in the wine cellar. Behind, a skeleton.

The chase is on! This story would revolve around finding out who the murder victim was, the previous owner’s involvement, and deal with an older person in town who was involved. Of course, there would be threats to the new owner’s life while the investigation is underway. And while he becomes consumed by the case, his digital business runs into issues that he’s required to solve while taking a step back from the investigation.

There would have to be some way an aspect of their digital business is involved in the solving of the case. Maybe it’s a digital marketer who uses Facebook ads to torment the culprit into paranoia and surrender, like A Telltale Heart. Further books in the series would be similar and take place on extended vacations and from inherited lands.

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