A vampire-slaying kit is up for auction.

Marcos Hernandez Article

At an auction in England, a kit to exterminate vampires is up for sale. Containing a bible, crucifix, and pistol, the set is estimated to be worth over $2,000.

In addition to the necessities, the kit also includes a silver knife, a vial of liquid (let’s assume it’s holy water), and a bottle of shark’s teeth.

I’ve never heard of shark’s teeth being used to ward off vampires. But their inclusion gives me an idea for a fantasy horror story. What if the shark’s teeth can create a vampire, creating a hunt like in “Alien vs. Predator.”

It starts when the hero of the story, a college-aged loner, is gifted the kit from his grandfather, who won the auction years ago. Similar to “Transformers.” Then, the boy tosses the shark’s teeth onto the ground. After a gestation period, maybe weeks or months, the vampire emerges from the ground fully formed.

The killings begin, and the boy realizes the hole was where he dropped the shark’s teeth. Then, the pistol starts showing up in his backpack even though he knows he left it at home. He’s worried his school will discover the weapon. Eventually, he realizes he’s supposed to hunt the vampire using the kit passed down from his grandfather. Like in Transformers, there could be the love interest that he protects on his first attempt to hunt the vampire, and she stays with him throughout the rest of the story.

The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher has a similar feel. The other books in the series could see the main character traveling to hunt vampires in different countries, upgrading his weapons, and stumbling upon an ancient group of people who have fought against the vampires for thousands of years.

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